Am I A Sex Addict?


If sex is bringing you more pain

than pleasure... it's a problem.


10 Questions

About Your Sexual Behavior

  1. Do you feel your sexual behavior is sometimes out of control?
  2. Do you use sex to escape uncomfortable feelings?
  3. Have you spent excessive time or money on sex?
  4. Have you neglected family, friends, your job, or yourself for sex?
  5. Are you leading a secret or double life?
  6. Are your sex behaviors escalating in frequency, duration, or intensity?
  7. Do you prefer anonymous sex / one-night-stands to intimate sex?
  8. Have you risked your health or the health of others because of sex?
  9. Have loved ones said they are worried about your sex behaviors?
  10. Do you feel sad after sex rather than happy?     

If you answered yes to any of these questions I encourage you to call for an appointment to discuss whether you may be dealing with sex addiction.