LGBTQ Issues


Becoming fully who we are

and embracing our true nature

is the surest road to

fulfillment and happiness.


Living as an LGBTQ person has always posed challenges.  Sadly, this is still true today.  Society and culture are still evolving in this area, but that is no reason to postpone living a full, happy, healthy, love-filled life, abounding in joy, romance, serenity, and prosperity!  Whether you came out 10 days ago, 10 years ago, or when you were 10 years old – or haven't come out yet – there are issues that are unique to your experience and circumstance.

Health, dating, career, family, spirituality, relationships, marriage, divorce, aging, grieving, body image, love, loss, and self-acceptance. For those in the LGBTQ community, all of these are experienced through a very particular prism, and need to be approached and dealt with in an atmosphere of sensitivity, understanding, and respect, with a supportive awareness of the unique aspects of the LGBTQ experience. 

If you are dealing with any difficulty in these areas, please call for a consultation.  You are not alone.