About My Services


Life can be challenging – in fact, life should be challenging!  And though history has often shown that it is usually best to not face challenges alone, this is a truth that many of us resist.  But it is still, none the less, true that we all need help at times.  Even the Olympic athlete, who may compete as an individual, prepares by seeking help from coaches, trainers, doctors, and supporters of all kinds.  This is how I see the relationship I have with my clients.  I am here to help you reach your highest potential.

My services fall into three major areas:  Sex Addiction TreatmentPsychotherapy, and Pastoral Counseling. Each of these general areas encompasses many other aspects of person's life and they almost always affect one's family, career, finances, emotional stability, etc.  Conversely, imbalances in any of those areas of life can increases a person's susceptibility to things like addiction, anxiety, or spiritual distress.  My goal is to help you find balance in each of these areas of your life, as well as any others you you find challenging.  

Please explore further to see if you feel I can be of help to you.