Sometime we need to be reminded that we have already survived our past.

Everyone has experienced traumatic events. Some are what we call "big T" traumas and some are "small t" traumas; each can be debilitating in their own way. Both need to be addressed appropriately.  When traumas are not fully processed our mind and body can continuing to react as if these events are still happening, days, weeks, months, even years after the events have occurred.

Unresolved trauma can cause us to have intrusive thoughts, hyper reactivity, or trouble concentrating or sleeping.  We may obsess, or startle easily; we may have unrealistic or exaggerated fears; our bodies may sweat, or shake, or tremble at even small reminders of past events.  We can feel overwhelmed. 

Left untreated trauma can be debilitating and can adversely affect our daily lives, our relationships, and our general well-being. 

If you are suffering from recurring painful memories, intrusive thoughts, or are experiencing other emotional or physical challenges, you may be suffering from unresolved Trauma.

There are several excellent treatment approaches for trauma, including EMDR and others.  Let's talk about how we can work together to let your past remain in your past so that you can full enjoy your present and future.