Spiritual Distress


When what we "know" conflicts with what we "believe" it can be very distressing


When circumstance and events in our life, or in the lives of those we love, or on the world stage, conflict with our vision of right and wrong, justice, fairness, or "goodness" it can lead to deep, unresolved pain, frustration, confusion, and existential crisis.

We can feel, anger, mistrust, guilt, fear, rejection, or abandonment. We can experience a loss of faith, or a questioning of things we once held as unshakable. 

When this happen, whether quickly or slowly, we can find ourselves in spiritual distress.  Our life-experience is no longer in alignment with our deeply help beliefs - whatever they may be - and this misalignment can be very troubling. 

The process of realigning these two essential aspects of ourselves (our beliefs and our experiences) is essential to resolving inner spiritual conflict, and can then allow us to align our external behaviors with our inner intentions, thus achieving integrity, which is an essential task for those hoping to achieve peace and serenity regardless of external circumstances. 

It's important to recall that spiritual distress can happen not only in circumstances of pain, loss, and misfortune but, for some, it can also come in times of success, prosperity, and good fortune - especially if we hold beliefs that tell us we do not deserve these. 

Perhaps most interesting of all are the circumstances in which a person of little or no "faith", "religiosity" or " spirituality" finds themselves beginning to connect with some of these concepts and, as a result, find themselves as disconcerted as others sometimes feel when they lose these feelings.  

If any of the scenarios feel familiar to you, lets talk and see how we can work together to reconcile these conflicts.