Relationship Stress


It doesn't take much being out of order before "united" turns into "untied".


Relationships can be hard; but living without good solid relationships – whether romantic, platonic, or business – is even harder. 

Human beings are built to be in relationship.  We are social animals and societal beings, and most of us are inclined to mate.  But we are also highly individual and uniquely idiosyncratic. Learning to navigate personalities – our own as well as others – is both an art and a science.

How do we engage but not enmesh?  How do we compromise without losing ourselves?  How do we maintain our own values while respecting the values of others?  How do we assert ourselves without being domineering?  How do we learn to forgive – and perhaps even harder – how do we accept forgiveness? 

These are just some of the hard questions we often face when healing from relationship stress.

If you, or your partner, are struggling with any of these questions - or any other stressors in your relationship, I'd like to help.