About Our Work Together


The problem isn't that we need help,

it's that we resist asking for it.

Choosing the right therapist is an important decision; and a good fit is necessary in order to make effective progress.  My work is characterized by collaboration, intuition, compassion, optimism, and more than a touch of humor. I strive to be straightforward without being harsh, challenging without being pressuring, and supportive without being "enabling".

What I will ask of you is a desire to be honest, open, and willing, and to bring your best efforts.

Together we will strive to:

  • Improve your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being
  • Help you clarify and achieve your vision for yourself
  • Help you improve your relationships with others
  • Help you understand your own belief systems
  • Help you align your external behaviors with your internal aspirations
  • Empower you with useful tools that will help you achieve your goals

I hope you’ll take some time to look through this website to learn more about how we can work together to make your life more stable, fulfilling, useful, and happy.