Fostering Creativity


"Everyone is creative. 

Sometimes it just takes

a little creativity to see it."

Everyone is creative.  Some people connect with their creativity more frequently than others. Some dabble, some choose to make creativity a key part of their lives, and some even choose to make their living in the creative arts. 

No matter where on the spectrum you place yourself, I can help you tap into, free up, and expand your creative expression.   

With a degree in Fine Arts from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, and an earlier career in the theatre, including conceiving a Tony nominated Broadway musical, I believe that finding creativity in everything we do is essential for reaching our fullest potential.  

Whether your creativity is in the classical arts such as writing, performing, or painting; or in one of the creative businesses such as design, architecture, marketing, or media; or you are a mathematician who understands the beauty in an elegant equation, or a businessman who knows there is an art to providing great customer service, or making a powerful presentation for the executives, I can help you enhance your creativity in order to enhance your life.  

Allow me to help you open those doors to your deepest creativity and see where your imagination can take you.